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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. what would life be like as a cyborg how far would people be willing to go at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it have been society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. cyborg human machines starting february first on d w. question for you which donald trump do you see when just this week we viewed a genius an idiot the hardest of workers and a president who likes to sleep in in washington he remains first song rushes best friend and tonight he says that he's the reason the two koreas are talking again i'm burnt off and this is the day. that.
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i just spoke to. president bush. he's very thankful for what we've done without our editor that would have never happened you know someone will call that a performance i consider it work. here in the united states we must respond with birds of seats in this room mr putin's design to try to compromise democratic institutions the republican controlled house continues to plot democrats' efforts to investigate the attack the countries that have achieved a degree of success all have one thing in common. political leadership who publicly said enough is enough never before has a u.s. president so clearly ignored such a grave threat and a growing threat to u.s. national security. also coming up
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a new warning for our children and their mental health and the smartphones that seem to be addicted to. the once you miss periods of social development you can't come back and make them up and these phones are causing there to be a change in regards to social development of children. oh we begin the day with plans to take america first to the swiss alps today the white house confirmed that u.s. president donald trump will attend the world economic forum in davos later this month the conference is considered the the event for the world's who's who of business in politics or will it be the next stop for what is being called the trump show of the u.s. president allowed cameras into a bipartisan negotiation session on immigration yesterday an hour of live t.v. to show the world what he does but his comments have confused and confounded the president seemed to indicate that he would sign any immigration reform bill that
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the republicans and the democrats sent to him even sounded like he wanted to return to legislation with earmarks also known as pork barrel legislation though that's the kind of washington dealing which make the swap stink or tonight the president is basking in the praise from south korea's president who said that mr trump is the reason that the north and south are now talking again sounds like a policy foreign policy when doesn't it but listen to what lawmakers on capitol hill were talking about today instead. falling to tax like pearl harbor nine eleven u.s. presidents have rallied the country and the world to address the challenges facing the nation yet today the current president of the united states still barely acknowledges the threat posed by mr putin's repeated attacks on democratic governments and institutions the regime in moscow will be emboldened to undermine european stability again and the united states interfere in our mid-term elections
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the twenty eighteen and our presidential elections of two thousand and twenty make no mistake about it mr putin will push as far as he's allowed to push if we don't push back never before has a us presidents of clearly ignored such a grave threat and a growing threat to u.s. national security card so what's going on here let me pull in chris faulkner he's a republican strategist with majority strategies in los angeles which describes itself as america's premier influence marketing services firm chris good to have you on the show welcome to the date let me ask you about north and south korea first of all they're talking again but they're talking right now about the olympics not about north korea's nuclear weapons is this eight true sign of trump's foreign policy leadership well you look at the progress there is more than just you know it's actually one of the most emotional issues emotional issues for most koreans is reunification between sam's will obviously
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a lot of families were separated during the. separation of the two koreas indecent motional ice to live it so about three half years and these emotional reunions between the separated families are usually reported to crimp oculus and so that in addition to you know this i think is these are the beginning steps that will give us a more substantive policy disagreements this week two koreas so you don't think then that it's a hollow victory considering that north korea have said yesterday we will talk but nuclear weapons are not on the table. no i don't think i will remain at all just to get the north koreans to talk you know of itself is a victory for anyone who's familiar with the way they negotiate it is trying to say the least and to get them to is able to talk about any issue isn't it of itself is a victory and it quite frankly opposite to what many detractors of the president would say the president in his attitude even though some would say it's too
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aggressive or bullying or any other adjectives that people might use at the end result is really i did i will miss the fact the president has brought this conversation for now i think he should be commended for it ok so let me bring us all back then to what we're seeing in washington. we had today the u.s. president accusing the media of not reporting truthfully about all the work. and he said that his administration will be looking at slander laws it wants to take a listen to what he said. if somebody says something that's totally false and knowingly false that the person that has been abused defamed libel will have meaningful recourse our current level laws are a sham and a disgrace and do not represent american values or american fairness so we're going
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to take a strong look at that. we want fairness i mean what do you what is he saying there is he is he trying to intimidate just the media or is he talking to other people who may be tempted to testify to prosecutors. you know i'm not an attorney but certainly the first minute by both democrats and republicans in the president's out here in the united states i believe the president's trying to say is that some of the leaking specifically while the president brought both sides of the table yesterday for a bipartisan meeting to solve important issues like docket immigration reform exactly the same time some of our advice i'm from california was choosing to release transcripts of an ongoing investigation which totally. betrays the trust of her colleagues in the senate she's been there war going on with somebody else she should know how this works and quite frankly compromise an ongoing investigation now she released all these transcripts and guess what there was no
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smoking gun there was no evidence of collusion ernie's other things in clearly this is an attempt by democrats to try to muddy the waters so i think what the president is trying to say that the leaks need to stop whether you are with the f.b.i. or you are with congress or whatever your job is in government if you're an uncensored information you should keep it sensitive and should not betray the trust of the american people if you give it to you today i'm trying to also said you can't say things that are not true and then expect money to poor him into your bank account but isn't that exactly what his former campaign manager paul mann afford did you know he didn't tell the government about working for the turks or the russians and he was paid by them and you know now he's doing business with the f.b.i. . i'm not a smear with the details of the metaphor to desiccation i think with the president's clearly referring to those the new book by mr wolf that even by the most skeptical. members of the media attempts in terms of their relationships with
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the president. it interests. is shoddy and i think that's what the president is referring to in terms of people telling lies and making money off of it you know what about that book. a lot of people say that if the president had not even mentioned it if his attorneys had not tried to stop its publication it would have been a non-story and many people may have never even heard about it. i disagree i would say that any book that has you know juicy shocking relating details supposedly about a sitting u.s. president is going to get some attention and based on the number of people that were supposedly source for this book or supposedly interviewed people had to issue a trash never tractions me people have to issue clarifications based on the number of quite frankly false those that mr wolf is telling us book. after i ask you to
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chris about what the europeans are should think of the president the latest pew research polls show that confidence in the u.s. president around the world is the lowest since the poll began and it finds that trump is seen by most publics around the world as arrogant intolerant even dangerous so what in the world is the president going to do when he goes to davos switzerland later this month. well thanks to the you know the pervasiveness of coverage around the world of us all six. i hope that no one is surprised what they're probably going to see is an aggressive unabashed pro-american president who is probably not going to take into consideration maybe someone's feelings about the status of their cup or their country or the status of a relationship their country had you know the united states is a young country and i know that there are
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a lot of other wonderful wonderful countries out there that have incredibly long and rich traditions and histories and it's not that the united states doesn't respect those things but at the same time united states often is really one of the most generous countries in the world in terms of foreign aid these things in course rankly we are often the the focus of a lot of criticism despite many things that we do now the president trump maybe indifference to his presence or is really not willing to allow that to continue he wants to push back on some sort of narrative that the united states is not as generous neighbor that the united states is not helping millions upon millions of people around the world that are need ok i'm president we've just got coming across right now i want to ask you this too before we go to the u.s. president clinton right now is saying the u.s. could conceivably really enter the paris climate agreement now that's a shocking headline and it comes right before the president comes to europe is that a coincidence. or if it's
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a coincidence but in terms of deal making in negotiating no one should underestimate this president he has made his name he has made is fortune he's made his reputation on human and clearly he said repeatedly during the campaign and since he's been president that there's climate accord was a bad deal for the united states so i don't think anyone should be surprised that you must come back to rule in renegotiate a better deal for the united states everybody wants clean air everybody wants clean water we all agree on that out we get to those ends of course this is in the details with the negotiations and i would be surprised at all the president was comfortable community in talking about a way to put things back together terms make things better for developing nations well it's the nations around the world you have to see what happens because mr french president mccrone the german chancellor angela merkel have but said there will be no forget renegotiating with the paris deal but let's see what happens in davos chris faulkner a republican strategist with majority strategies in los angeles chris thanks for
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being on the day we appreciate it. oh for the past week the world has been talking nonstop about a new tell all book we just talked about it about the trump white house it's called fire in fury by michael wolff it is so explosive that the president's lawyers tried to stop the book's publication now as we've said that only field interest made the book overnight number one on amazon dot com or the title fire in fury we are told comes from trump's repeated use of the phrase in connection with north korea. best not make any more interested in ited states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening. beyond a normal state. and as i said they will be met with fire fury and frankly
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power the likes of which this world has never seen before. well was best seller has shot to the top of the bestseller list around the world now but he's not the only author who's won big with fire and fury because the title of the book his once been used not once but twice a decade ago the historian and political scientist randall hanson wrote fire in fury the bombings of germany one nine hundred forty two one hundred forty five and some people have seemingly not been able to tell the two apart we're joining me now is the author of fire and fury the unexpected bestseller professor randall and he joins me tonight from toronto professor welcome to the day i mean you know you have to look at this story and you have to grin a little bit thinking about you i mean this is been i assume has been
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a financial windfall that you weren't expecting. it has and i do know that bennett over troat would be very happy about a liberal pro immigration globalist profiting from a book about him so it's doubly amusing and this liberal pro immigration professor writing about its world war two are you writing things there about the second world war that those who are reading the book about michael wolff. that maybe could surprise them or shock them is there a lesson in your book for people who are for and to get struck well i hope so and you know i've said this if you times but it remains true my sales don't really matter here this is nice what matters is that people are talking about this book who would not have any even more importantly than that at
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a time when we have this incredibly unstable nurse assistant president who is threatening war who is. something close to a more monger himself if at this moment people read my book and reflect on the horrible consequences of war for civilian populations that would be no no bad thing at all do you think it's a coincidence that. your book deals with the realities of war in germany the book. is named basically about you know from a phrase that the president uses when he's talking about a possible war with north korea i mean war is the you know it's the med a message here. absolutely and in a sense what people have said in the press is that the two books have nothing to do with each other and that's not quite true for reasons you've just suggested. trump
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threatened as we just heard fire and fury he threatened war my book is about what foreign fury looks like on the ground and it is horrific even a conventional war about which i write for civilian populations and it's the height of irresponsibility for a president of the most powerful armed forces in the world to threaten so casually resort to nuclear weapons and so i hope when people read my book particularly if they are supporters of trump but they reflect on what that would mean in practice have you gotten feedback from people who have stumbled upon your book looking for the michael wolff book and knew that you've actually started reading. yeah i have a fair amount on twitter some people have said a few people complained that they didn't need to buy my book but did but more have said oh i didn't know this was out there or i heard about this years ago i'm reading it it's interesting quite a few people have written to me privately and said that they've picked up the book
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and they've heard my interventions in the press of the last couple of days and on a personal level i mean that's not the biggest issue here but her personal level that's very very gratifying and what about trump supporters i mean it's there any way that you can gauge if you've had trump supporters who've actually bought this book and read it and have been moved in their opinion and all of the military well book bought anyway maybe a couple of complained on if you go to have was on dot com you see a couple of reviews one of which said as i don't know why democrats are so excited about this book it's got nothing to do with trump and someone else claiming the whole thing was a big scam so some of these flip through it doesn't seem to change their thinking that. and let me ask you what about these numbers i mean i said this may have been a financial windfall for you but at the end of the day is president trump or michael wolff are they going to make you a rich professor. no i don't care mr will is certainly going to
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get rich out of this i won't know what happens to the sales for another month or so when i get my reports and it really depends on how long this attention last and how long the book stays in the bestseller lists but what matters to me is the point that i've already made people are now talking about the contents of the book reflecting on the horrors of war the civilian populations reflecting on how i hope and how difficult it is to maintain our moral principles and under the conditions of a sustained war that matters much more than whether or not i sell a few more books yeah i think everyone will agree with you on that that a lack of knowledge about the horrors of war is a guaranteed path to future wars and professors like yourself focusing on the realities of war yet they should be read more professor randall hansen joining us tonight from toronto the author of the first fire and fury fessor thank you for
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being on the day. well apple has made a lot of headlines lately for the wrong reasons it has agreed to replace batteries in older i phones after it was revealed that the batteries slow down those older phones france has launched an investigation into this alleged deception and planned obsolescence but it is what those i phones are doing to our children that we want to focus on tonight this week two of the main shareholders in apple published an open letter calling on the company to invest money into hell to protect young people from their addiction to i phones now in the letter they write. there is also a growing societal unease about whether at least some people are getting too much of a good thing when it comes to technology in fact even the original designers of the
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i phone user interface and apple's current chief design officer have publicly worried about the i phone's potential for over use and there is good reason why you should not address this issue pro actively you know what's going on here what's going on inside the minds of our children with joining me now they talk about that isabella wiser she is director of psychiatry at the sharkey hospital here in berlin it's good to see you good to see having new year to you happy new year to you too so are these smart phones we don't want to pick on apple here i mean there are many smart phones apple of course dominates the market are they making our children mentally ill or social misfits mean what if what are they doing to our children. well they're doing probably that to our children we have to learn to handle this with our children like telephones did it in the old days i'm old enough to remember that i was specially during puberty incessantly on the phone
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that made my parents really worried ok so there are several good point yeah there are several. career matters or criteria for addiction first of all and i do well come the study that that apple wants to put some money into really studying that because i think there's a lot of just talk about it and not really data that we have now addiction has three components if you will first of all what dicta people show is for kids that they use more and more smartphones yes we probably be all do this the older you yes we are using more and more because there are more websites we are all news junkies at least and kids especially if you're going to talk with each other i mean they're not really talking on the smartphone they're now texting or going on to face ours so it's a greater use so what's the sort of greater use second one is that you really feel
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physically or physiologically and emotionally. not well if you don't and if you don't have access to a smartphone right now. there's this feeling was it was the third one and the third one is that you really spent so much time that you neglect your other every day activity is now this is for example for kids at school it might be any kind of extra political or activity that they have something like that so these three. criteria should be fulfilled before you can even talk about addict i want to talk about what these phones can can do to young people in the case of paul logan he is a you tube star with a huge following he visited a force last week in japan a force that is known for being
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a place where people commit suicide i know that and jay so he put up a video on you tube since taking it down but i want to look at the transcript of what he was saying on that maybe we can go to that and show our viewers. here we go so he says paul this is a first for me this literally probably just happened he's of course looking at a man who had hanged himself off camera someone says i don't feel good he says what you never stood next to a dead guy no he says it wasn't good it was going to be a joke this was all a joke why did it become so real and off camera someone says depression mental illness not a joke we came here with the intent to focus on the haunted aspect of the forest this just became very real yes i mean. what is there well this is what we all this is all our the dirty secrets we all have we probably like some sort of sensation and it's really sensational if we watch somebody hang
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him south or if we watch a car accident you know there's this real news online but using our smart phone. to share that with the world well for some reason there is this social animal instinct that we have in us or the urge i should better say that once us to communicate and that once us to make us public to make us you know fifteen minutes of fame something like that i mean it's just it's really it's scary we're running out of time want to ask you though are you seeing parents bringing in their children for cases of addiction to smartphones or gadgets i mean is that on the rise are you seeing that yes we are seeing that but it's also highly publicized of course and that's why we're probably seeing it now everybody has a smartphone and so yes we are seeing that we also saw people who are came in that said my kid is always watching t.v. my kids are just so you know we have to handle it and paradoxically when parents
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have to educate their kids and have to be firm that's right but they really have to be good parents right exactly it's a belong with the stars the hospital as always thank you for coming in and i hope those parents are listening to you i hope so too well the conversation as always continues online here on the day you can reach us at brooke got t.v. or d w news and don't forget the matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then don't stay on the phones too much.
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cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut cut. ensure the conflicts are going to find new presidents has taken me oath of office been zimbabwe to see any different from the old one my guest here in london is nick lowe one of the u.k. representative of the country's ruling zanu p.f. politics with thirty five years of bloodshed on the loose and the economy is slowly
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was focused so they are continuing to double. click the first spot to look. they make a commitment. they find. stronger cool africa clunks soon east coast people making a difference should be news should the continent the b.m.w. is news multimedia series for africa claimed dot com for calling the move. to meet the german seemed new and surprising aspects of muslim culture in germany the business. american keep losing takes a look at germany existing procedures at their traditions every day lives and language in this come out of the highlights on assad so i'm ok i'm pushing.
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to concentrate on t.w. dot com meet the german. we can start rewriting the software of sample bacterial cells. we're not creating life graphs we're rewriting really you have programmed for all the software or read all of us all we can redesign them they'll have different properties i don't have a clue we're a little bit inclined to changing the amino acid top of this approach would give us better person for example to sort of using fossil fuels. to bake plaster. because they have vital organ of sense the size of our schools are linked together by class. we're just learning this is
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a new field. this is g.w. newsline from berlin and it is crunch time again germany's a search for a new government split of all parties stepping up efforts to reach an agreement to start cold. they say there's still a lot of work to do well look at some of the obstacles before tomorrow's deadline also coming up to reuters journalists facing up to fourteen years in prison in myanmar are trying to reveal what they say is the truth about the military's
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crackdown on. myanmar juices them of breaking the wall and says that they must now be called.


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